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The best-run businesses run SAP.

The SAP ERP application is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software manufactured by SAP AG that targets business software requirements for our organizations. It allows for open communication within and between all company functions.

SARET soon will run SAP, the best platform to continue growing and consolidating its position as a regional leader in renewable power generation.

SARET acquires more LIEBHERR cranes

Our projects require the most reliable rigging equipment,which is why SARET has chosen Liebherr cranes.Liebherr is recognized as the best crane manufacturer in the world. We use Liebherr all terrain hydraulic cranes of different capacities and our partner company has Liebherr harbor cranes with operational weight capacities of up to 500 Metric Tons.

"State of the Art" robotic technology

For the welding and cutting in the manufacturing of heavy steel components, SARET implemented the latest technology in robotics to produce accurate and consistent parts quality. We use a seven axles robot, with 12 000 mm longitudinal reach by 3900 mm transversal reach.This is one of the best in accuracy and position repetition. (RP = 0.11 mm)

On going projects